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Local Synergies with global impact

At Fasamon Capital we develop a strategy for your firm to benefit from local synergies with public and private institutions. With the numerous public research grants, tax exemptions and incentives for R&D and education, the Canary Islands is an attractive option to establish a research department or to develop an educational program. Our extensive network of contacts can open up the right doors to build meaningful relationships with people that can exponentially contribute to your venture.

Universities & Research Insititutions

With 5 universities, 21 research centers and over 15 vocational schools the Canary Islands provides a unique opportunity to further develop future professionals, or to carry out research projects side by side with local institutions.

Government Institutions

The Canarian government and each island government have ambitious public policy plans to produce energy using renewal sources, electrify the car population and protect the environment as 36% of the territory is protected.

International Corporations

Despite the size of the islands, some Canarian corporations have become national and world known leaders in their fields, especially in tourism & naval reparations. These corporations could be your next clients or associates to grow your business to the next level.

Local SME's

Through our extensive network we can introduce your firm to any local business and so establishing trust from the get-go. Leveraging relationships is key, especially in such a small and tight business community.

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